Artificial intelligence in education – seminar at TUL

The Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics invites you to the seminar "Artificial Intelligence in Education", which is an opportunity to discuss the impact of AI on our lives, and in particular on education at universities.

Research on artificial intelligence (AI) has been conducted at the Institute of Informatics of the Lodz University of Technology for nearly 50 years. Currently, students are educated in the field of SI at TUL in various fields of study. All our employees and students have access to modern artificial intelligence tools, hence the idea for a joint seminar. The question of how they can be used in education is just one of the significant challenges facing the university.

– Proper education allows not only to acquire appropriate knowledge about creating modern artificial intelligence models, but above all, to constructively use the benefits of AI. Its numerous implementations clearly show that thanks to AI we can increase the efficiency of our work, solve some problems more advantageously and faster, and serve society – wyjaśnia dr hab. inż. Adam Wojciechowski, prof. PŁ, dziekan Wydziału FTIMS, zapraszając na pierwsze spotkanie.

Computer scientists from the FTIMS Faculty are planning a series of such seminars, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in education. It is also a good opportunity to dispel our fears related to the use of AI, resulting mainly from lack of knowledge of the issue.

– We believe that technology should be used ethically and responsibly, and AI tools are a benefit to science and should support society, not pose a threat to it. It is important to understand the technologies surrounding us, use them correctly and effectively, and create solutions that meet the next socio-economic challenges. – dodaje dziekan.

Lodz University of Technology coordinates such activities through the Rector's Team for the Development of Artificial Intelligence, chaired by Professor Wojciechowski.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, January 16 at 14:15 in auditorium F10 at the FTIMSFaculty, al. Politechniki 8 (Lodex). Free entrance. You're welcome.