Lodz ICT Cluster activities


Cooperation with lodz universities

Participation in the cluster enables direct influence on IT education at the largest higher education institutions in Łódź (Lodz University of Technology, University of Łódź and the Academy of Social Sciences). Activities in this area are coordinated by the Education Task Force, composed of representatives of the authorities of the faculties: Electrotechnology, Electronics, Informatics and Automatics of the TUL; Technical Physics, Informatics and Applied Mathematics of the TUL; Physics and Applied Informatics of the University of Łódź; Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Łódź; Institute of Information Technology of the SAN and representatives of companies from the cluster interested in cooperation in this area. Participation in the activities available to cluster participants provides an opportunity for direct outreach to IT students.


Networking, business, ICT representation in the region
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The cluster constitutes a platform of cooperation for companies and institutions associated in it. The platform allows contact during regular meetings between representatives of companies, universities, business environment institutions and local government institutions. The cooperation concerns both topics relevant to the entire industry in the region, as well as opens up the possibility for bilateral cooperation between individual cluster participants within the scope of topics covering business or project issues chosen by them.


Programme of subject recommendation

"Subject Recommendations" is the first initiative of its kind in Poland promoting cooperation between universities and business, with the aim of identifying specific IT-related subjects in study programmes as recommended by business in terms of their usefulness in subsequent career stages. This is the result of cooperation between companies and universities associated in the cluster - the Technical University of Łódź, the University of Łódź and the Social Academy of Sciences. In agreement and with the consent of the university, a company can officially recommend a subject of its choice, directly related to IT. Information about the recommendation will appear in the curriculum of the respective studies.


Lodz IT Days

Lodz IT Days is the largest ICT event in the Lodz region, organised since 2017 on the campuses of the Lodz University of Technology and the University of Lodz. Each year #ŁDI is a series of free lectures, workshops and a job fair dedicated solely to the IT industry. Inspiring speakers, always up-to-date knowledge provided by practitioners from the biggest companies in the industry and practical workshops covering all currently trending technologies are the hallmark of #ŁDI. The past 6 editions of the event have attracted a total of more than 5,000 participants, who have had the opportunity to listen to more than 100 lectures and take part in more than 50 workshops.

marketing campaign

Join IT in Łódź

We show Łódź as a high-tech city with good universities and IT companies that are open to employees coming from different countries, support rebranding and offer career paths for people with very different educational backgrounds. We also show the stories of people working in IT in Łódź who came to Łódź from different parts of Poland and the world, acclimatised to our city and tied their professional and private lives to it.


Lodz Programmer of the Year

Lodz Programmer of the Year is a competition whose aim is to identify and reward outstanding programmers from Łódź. The competition is aimed at male and female students of Łódź universities and employees of Łódź-based IT companies. The competition awards prizes in the Students category and in the Open category - open to all professionals from IT companies in Łódź. The competition promotes programmers involved in Lodz-related projects, including open source projects and knowledge sharing through various events and communities.


Expert Workshop

The cluster expert workshop is an initiative aimed at, among others, students of the Lodz University of Technology , University of Łódź and Social Academy of Sciences. The workshops, carried out by specialists from cluster companies, provide an opportunity to improve participants' competencies in the area of workshop topics. Meetings are held online or stationary - both in the headquarters of companies and at universities. The workshops give companies the opportunity to reach out to people interested in the presented topic.