About the cluster

Lodz ICT Cluster
Lodz ICT Cluster was established on 1 July 2012 at the initiative of the Lodz University of Technology coordinator of this undertaking. The activities of the cluster serve to integrate the environment of the sector entities, build social awareness of the possibilities for education, work and further development in the broadly defined IT industry in the region, as well as creating conditions for the creation of new jobs in the region. An important aspect of the cluster's activity is development and education of human resources for the dynamically developing IT and telecommunications sector in the region. and telecommunication industry that is dynamically developing in the region. These activities are implemented as part of ongoing cooperation between university departments with enterprises from the cluster and lead to the adaptation of the educational offer of the university to the needs of the labour market. Łódzki Klaster ICT also cooperates with government administration and self-government administration regarding the existing and future potential of the ICT industry in the area of creating the labour market, investments and economic development of the region.

Sector integration

Integration of the Lodz ICT industry - a forum for exchanging views and experiences on various aspects of business activity

Access to employees

Easier access to potential employees - students and graduates of the largest universities in the Łódź region

visibility of the sector

Joint representation for the creation of better conditions for the development of the Łódź ICT industry in front of state and local government authorities

access to universities

Priority access to initiatives at the Lodz University of Technology and the University of Lodz and preferential rates for participation in job fairs

cluster projects

Exclusive access to projects carried out by the cluster - e.g. Lodz IT Days, Join IT in Lodz, Expert Workshops

members visibility

Visibility of cluster members - commitment to the region and industry

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