CEPD.TECH – e-commerce for health

Technology, innovation, passion - these are the three words that best describe CEPD.tech. We are a dynamically developing technology company based in the heart of Łódź, at ul. Piramowicza 11/13, and more importantly, we are proud to be part of Pelion S.A. – the largest company in the health care sector in Poland.

But CEPD.tech is not just an office address or a name in the Pelion group. It is primarily a passion for implementing innovative e-commerce projects that really impact patients' health. We are here to create solutions that make people's lives healthier and easier.

This year, CEPD.tech celebrates its second anniversary, and it is a time full of success and growth. Our team now consists of 45 people - motivated and full of positive energy, ready to work and have fun. We are from different parts of Poland, and some of us work remotely. That's why we decided to make regular, quarterly company meetings our tradition. They take place in different cities we come from.

These meetings play a double role for us. Firstly, they give us the opportunity to meet in person, which builds bonds and integrates us even more. Secondly, they create opportunities for development thanks to workshops, internal training and inspiring speeches by interesting guests. During these events, we summarize our projects, share best practices and appreciate people who have made an exceptional contribution to the development of the company. Our awards have unusual categories, such as “financial karate” or “man orchestra”.

To make our meetings even more valuable, the Management Board of CEPD.tech joins us. Thanks to this, the entire team is perfectly informed about the direction in which we are heading and all key aspects of our business.

Recently we visited Warsaw, previously Lublin, and in December we are planning a meeting in Łódź - our hometown.

At CEPD.tech, people are the most important value. It is us, together, who are creating the future of e-commerce for health. We're proud of what we do and can't wait to see what the future holds. By joining us, you can see that what matters to us is passion, commitment and the ability to create things that are really important for others. CEPD.tech – this is where innovation comes to life!