No Women = No Code | Join IT in Łódź

The press conference inaugurating this year's fourth edition of the Join IT in Łódź campaign under the slogan: No Women = No Code, which we had the pleasure of organizing thanks to the hospitality of MakoLabat Ogrodowa Office.

In this year's edition of No Women = No Code, clips promoting women from IT in Łódź were created. The history of Łódź - the promised land and industrial power - was co-created thanks to women. Times have changed - Łódź is now a modern city of high technologies, and women working in IT companies in Łódź create and develop solutions that we use every day. It's time to emphasize the huge role of women in today's IT - because "everyday" is not a joke - companies from Łódź create software for the cars we drive, software used in banks, broadly understood services, hotels and restaurants, and some solutions are even used in airplanes.

Without women, there would be no computer science today - the first person in history to program was the British mathematician, Ada Lovelace, and several decades later Grace Hopper created the first universal programming languages. It is no coincidence that the inauguration of the Join IT in Łódź series took place on September 13 - World Programmer Day.

This year's edition of Join IT in Łódź gathered a record number of as many as 20 heroines from 10 cluster companies:

All films are available on the action website