A celebration of Music as unveiled by the master of sound technology, Harman!

The celebration of the summer solstice, which falls on 21 June, is one of the most interesting and oldest events in Europe. In Poland, this tradition is called Midsummer Night, although it used to be referred to as Wianki, Sobótki or Kupala Night. The longest day of the year, however, is yet another opportunity to celebrate; the worldwide, although not very popular in Poland, Festival of Music, whose celebration in Łódź was once again taken care of by the technology and sound company Harman.

Make Music Day is not only an opportunity to play and sing together, but also an inspiration for all music lovers who, through similar inventions, have the chance to discover musical talents in themselves, enjoy creating and share it with others.

It is customary to celebrate Make Music Day by spontaneously playing and singing in the streets, parks or city entrances. However, Harman decided to celebrate the day in a place brimming with sound technology and the best audio equipment - its office in Lodz, Poland.

Each participant, including Harman employees, was able to showcase their musical talents and perform their own interpretation of well-known songs, including hits such as "Wehikuł Czasu" by Dżem and "Zombie" by The Cranberries.

We consider this year's celebration of music to have been a success, and as we want to continue our mission of promoting music and connecting people through sound, we are already preparing for the next instalments, which may well become a permanent fixture on the calendar of Lodz events.