Pixel Technology is a new member of the Life Science Cluster

We are pleased to announce that our company has joined the prestigiousLife Science cluster in Kraków. The Life Science cluster has the status of a National Key Cluster, which means that it is one of the 15 most important strategic clusters in Poland, with great significance for the development of the economy and international competitiveness and innovation.

The Life Science Kraków Cluster initiative brings together a number of entities from different fields, such as: companies from the SME sector, large enterprises (including hospitals) and scientific entities, including universities and research and development institutes. Thanks to cooperation with the cluster, our company will have the opportunity to implement new projects, especially those related to artificial intelligence.

The Digital Health & Big Data group, operating within the cluster, aims to develop technologies, processes and data collection and processing tools to optimise treatment and diagnostic processes, as well as the collection, storage, transmission and processing of medical data. By collaborating with the cluster, we will be able to implement new projects related to this area.

We are proud to be a member of the Life Science cluster and see great potential for further development of our company and cooperation with other partners in the industry.

More: https://www.lifescienceopenspace.com/organizations/PixelTechnologyg16nwn44/338387