A time of success

The last time turned out to be rich in various awards for Atos Poland Global Services. Among other things, our gamification project and manager development program were appreciated, and our activities in the region of Pomerania and Kujawy were awarded twice.

We received a distinction in the Employer Branding Excellence Awards competition organized by the HRM Institute in the "Internal Campaign" category for the project called "Hi-5! Gamification 2.0.”. It was a project addressed to our employees, and its goal was to: increase awareness and recognition of company values among employees, encourage them to return and use the office more often, as well as integration, which was difficult during the pandemic. Being part of a global organization, we have always practiced and promoted global brand values. We wanted to promote them not only with standard forms of communication, so we were looking for a new channel to reach our teams and a modern solution that would engage employees. In addition, after the pandemic period, we wanted to positively influence the atmosphere and integration in teams that switched to remote or hybrid work during the pandemic and had less contact with each other than before. These relationships and meetings in offices were something we wanted, and thanks to gamification, which enjoyed great involvement and interest of our employees, we managed to achieve these assumptions.

In June, we also received the "Harmonious Leader 2023" award during the unique HR Day event organized by Personnel and Management and InnerMastering INSTITUTE. We were awarded for the manager development program.

The activities of our company in the region of Pomerania and Kujawy have recently been appreciated twice. We received the Award of the Marshal of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in the field of economy. Most of all, our role in the cooperation between science and business, as well as our influence on the development of secondary and academic education, were appreciated. We also received the title of "Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy" 2022 in the Large Entrepreneur category. The award was given to us for developing the labor market by creating a significant number of vacancies that give the opportunity to participate in the development of innovative IT technology responding to the needs of environmental protection and climate change. More than 150 companies were nominated for this year's edition of the competition, and the awards were decided, among others, by the innovations introduced by the companies and the conduct of new investments.

We are proud that our activities are appreciated - it motivates us to further development and take new initiatives.

Detailed information about the prizes awarded to us can be found on the website https://atos.net/pl/polska/atospolandglobalservices#aktualnosci