The awards ceremony in the Łódź[a] Programista[ka] of the Year 2022 competition in the "Student" category, organized by ICT Polska Centralna Klaster, is behind us. The awards ceremony for the winners was combined with the scholarships galaFoundation of Lodz University of Technology "Scholarships to the power" and was held at the Information Technology Center Lodz University of Technology (22.11).

Awards funded by the Cluster in the amount of PLN 5,000 were awarded to 5 students with the highest average grades in programming subjects and with the most visible organizational achievements.
Student programmers in Łódź 2022 were: Piotr Katolik from the Social Academy of Sciences, Adrian Kucharski from the Department of Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Automatic. Kacper Pałczyński from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Lodz, Mateusz Pieczyński from the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science University of Lodz and Mateusz Zawisza, Lodz University of Technology

Congratulations to the winners and we would like to remind you that we are waiting for applications in the Łódź Programmer of the Year competition in the "Open" category until the end of November. The competition partner is Centrum OPUS

Details, rules and application forms can be found at

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